Théophile Wallez


These sections are quite short, but I intend to expand them later.


Parkour is the art of moving efficiently from one point to another. I started in September 2018, practiced a lot between January 2021 and August 2021 and stopped because of an injury and started again in January 2023. Do you remember all the fun you had as a child, climbing trees, running and jumping around? Parkour can bring back this feeling in the adult’s boring and serious life. Why not go from that spot to that spot in this particular way? Practicing parkour is tons of fun.

When practicing parkour, you need three main qualities:

The last point is the least obvious one and yet highly important: while you might master perfectly a jump at the floor-level, doing the exact same jump one meter above the ground is not risky (you can’t fall since you master the jump, and even if you fall, one meter is nothing) but the self-preservation insinct often kicks in and the jump is hard to start. Another example: when you walk in a corridor, do you sometimes hit the walls by mistake? Even in small corridors? Then why is it so scary to walk on a corridor-sized thing several meters above the ground? One of the biggest challenge in parkour is educating your self-preservation instinct, which is way too conservative, to learn that some scary situations are actually not dangerous.


I mainly focused on the main dish part, but also learned the techniques to make bread and pastries, the hard way. I actually have a whole site dedicated to this hobby.


During vacations I always had a good time borrowing the camera of friends and taking photos with it. In January 2020 I decided to go one step further and bought my own camera. Since then I’ve spent a lot of time doing photography, whether in vacations or in the various occasions I have (such as doing photography of friends doing parkour)!


During my childhood I played piano but stopped at the end of high-school, when entering in the “classes préparatoires”. Seven years after stopping, in June 2022, I realized that playing piano was still fun and decided to be more serious about it.

Light design

During my scholarship at ENS Ulm, I took part in the light student association, that manages the light installations for concerts, parties, etc. I learned a lot about stage installation, light installation, light programming etc. I even had the chance to program a concert with a GrandMA 2 Light (an iconic programming console)!


During my scholarship at ENS Ulm, I took part in the DJ student association, that handles the music during parties. I learned to use the CDJ and eventually started to mix mainly techno. Later I learned to mix on vinyl and became fond of it.